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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Moniek 9 / 10

Should have been on BET or TV1 just saying

Compared to the book this movie isn't what I hoped for while the book left you wanting more while the movie fell flat and tons of things were left out (with that being said I understand they have a budget & have to put so much in a certain time frame but DAMN) & whoever did the editing & frame shots SMH this would be better off on TV1 or BET but def not movie theater material Columbus Short as Qua did a good job as a couple of others that were casts such as Jamaar Simon as Rasun Qua's right hand man was well played, Nelsan Ellis as Tarik which could have had more scenes but did a great job, Aundra Fuller as Jerrell played the hater/wannabe they all played their parts but some of the other cast mates could have stepped it up a bit more Sahirah played by Nafessa Williams did a good job as the average gold digging hood chick looking for the next come up even Gena's little cousin Bria (played by Iyana Halley) was more convincing & believable than Gena's character there wasn't enough emotion or life to her she was dry (SORRY just my opinion) but hey it is what it is I do think this film could have been as big as Juice, Paid in Full or Boyz in the Hood (which are Urban Classics I might say) with the right people behind it I hope that if there's a possibility of a sequel that they have a bigger budget & a better production team because I was highly disappointed ????

Reviewed by bless1 ( 9 / 10

Familiar storyline. Good acting chemistry

Even if you haven't read the book by Author Terri Woods you will enjoy this Urban Drama. Columbus Short and Erica Peeples play their roles exceptionally well as with Andra Fuller and the on screen chemistry was great. While some may agree that Vivica A. Fox's role in the movie is rather irrelevant its always good to see her in a film. This one is packed with female eye candy from Basketball Wives LA's Draya Michelle, to Real Husbands Of Hollywood's Nafessa Williams and even My Wife And Kid's Jennifer Freeman. The cinematography by Matt Wise is absolutely amazing. Popping with color, especially in the club scenes and Short's wardrobe was fantastic. Not a bad film at all but only a familiar urban drama storyline. Well directed by Preston A Whitmore II who's last big screen movie was the holiday comedy This Christmas.

Reviewed by Brian 9 / 10

The only thing good about this movie is the title

It's not cool to use a title from a well known book about "the game" and make a movie this bad. What's the number to the refund hot line? I am not joking. This movie should have never been released unless it was on YouTube. I thought about giving it two stars because Columbus Short did a decent job with the little he had and the music wasn't bad. But I can't. it's a joke. This nonsense has to stop.

Reviewed by ronald gray (myproviderproductions) 9 / 10

Good Movie

I have read the book, True To The Game and the others in the series which I enjoyed. As a serious reader and writer of my own novels, it was very refreshing to hear this book was being made into a movie. I saw it last night at a theater in Vegas and I must say, it was good. The sound, story line, DP, soundtrack, and acting was good. Many independent film projects do not receive the attention they should. And this film had new faces as actors and actresses which were great. It is boring to continue to see the same faces in movies. Very few urban fiction books make it to main stream movie theaters and this one was a pleasure to sit back and watch. Go see it. If you desire to see more independent films in theaters, then support the one that do make it. I like this movie and it inspires me to remain focused on my own book to movie film project. I could watch this movie again.

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