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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thomas Drufke 9 / 10

Boston Strong

It's unfair to compare Stronger to Patriots Day, since they are entirely different features, but they will inevitably be pitted against each other in terms of quality. Luckily, both films are fantastic and present two completely different sides of the story, therefore both are worthy of being made. I was certainly moved to tears more than once in Patriots Day, but there's something truly special about Stronger. Quiet but powerful, Stronger keeps its focus on one unbelievable story without forgetting the importance of everyone banning together in Boston following the terrorist attack at the 2013 marathon.It all starts with Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany's chemistry together as Jeff Bauman and Erin Hurley, a couple severely impacted by the bombing. Jeff, learning how to walk again after having his legs blown off, became a symbol of hope for the city of Boston, and quite frankly still is. Where Patriots Day focused solely on the bombing and bombers, Stronger keeps its focus on what an event like this can do to an already trying relationship. Their relationship is the heart and soul of the film, and Maslany and Gyllenhaal do a phenomenal job of making their chemistry feel real and grounded with earned emotion. I can't tell you how many times I felt overwhelmed with emotion just watching these actors work through their scenes together.The entire film is grounded with that emotion, though. And several performances are worthy of Oscar nominations. I personally think Gyllenhaal and Maslany should be locks, but Miranda Richardson made a strong case for the supporting category playing Bauman's mother, Patty. These actors were the sole reason that I feel Stronger transcended the typical bio-drama in every sense. I love the quiet sense of dramatic weight that Stronger had. It doesn't show a ton of blood or trauma from the bombing, nor do we get extended close-ups of Gyllenhaal's loss of legs. Instead, director David Gordon Green ops to have his actors give the audience plenty of emotion through their words and facial expressions.Stronger is a remarkably moving experience. It's really a personal romance that transcends into something that makes a whole generation inspired. Watch out for this one, it will be a sleeper pick come Oscar season, hopefully.9.6/10

Reviewed by mitchel1986 9 / 10

Jake Gyllenhaal delivers, but patriotism made me cringe

No, this will not be a popular review. No' I'm not from the US. Yes, these two are related.I love Jake Gyllenhaal and he delivers in this Jeff Bauman inspired 'beating terrorism' story. The majority of reviews I've read use words as 'inspirational', 'capturing hearts', 'symbol', 'heroic' etc. And that's what bothers me about this movie. And it's what scares me too.Because, what happens in this movie is real right? I mean, this is what actually happens in the US. There is a devastating attack on US soil. To cope with it, people turn to patriotism. Don't get me wrong, this is not a Michael Bay American Flag Waiving Patriot Fest. But singling out a survivor, having him waiving a flag at a sports game, having him pitch, people cheering, people crying, and to top it all of having Mr. All American telling him that he 'beat terrorism''s just a little too much. But again, this movie is showing real things. This movie is not (really) over the top, not exaggerated. Waiving flags, singing Star Spangled Banner before sports games, people meaning from the bottom of their hearts that 'terrorism did not win'. Let's say, it is the American Way, right?So my question is, why make this movie? To confirm US citizens that this is actually how things work in the US? They know that right? I mean, they sing along, they stand proud, they will not let terrorism win! Or to make people from other countries cringe to US patriotism? OK, so Jake Gyllenhaal was great and he absolutely delivers. However, this 'the US being the greatest country on earth and let's all cry while singing the Star Spangled Banner' theme does not really have the same impact outside of the US. But hey, why care about the rest of the world when you are raised to care only about what happens inside your own borders?

Reviewed by jadepietro 9 / 10

Stronger Than Most Biopics

(RATING: ????½ out of 5 ) GRADE: B+ THIS FILM IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.IN BRIEF: A gritty and emotional film that couldn't ask for a stronger performance than the one given by Jake Gyllenhaal.SYNOPSIS: A biography of Jeff Bauman, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing. JIM'S REVIEW: The odds against Jeff Bauman surviving the horror of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing were slim and the chances any moviegoer won't be moved to tears and uplifted by this one man's personal tale of survival while experiencing David Gordon Green's Stronger are even less.This heartfelt film takes on the before and after view of this common man. First seen as a hometown boy (before being cast as an hometown hero to the world), Jeff (Jake Gyllenhaal) was a fun-loving avid Boston Red Sox fan caught in an on-again / off again relationship with his girlfriend, Erin (Tatianna Maslany). He lived an ordinary life, one filled with bars, beer, and blue collar stock characters. Then came the terrorist bombing which changed everything.The story itself is predictable and manipulative, yet emotionally gripping. John Pollono's screenplay follows the formula to the T, or should I say from Point A (the horrific event) to Point B (overcoming the obstacles and hardships) to its uplifting Point C ending (pride and redemption). That said, it all works most effectively, due its honest depiction of a man in crisis. And having that person played by the talented Mr. Gyllenhaal, a fine method actor who immersed himself in this real life role, gives the film the honest integrity and authenticity the film needs which helps to separate the movie from most biographies that wallow in self-pity and inner strength. Watching him struggle to come to terms with his injuries and finally walk with two prosthetic legs is gut-wrenching and Mr. Gyllenhaal shows his character's human flaws and intrinsic hopes with the least amount of melodramatic excess. His performance deserves award recognition.Where the film truly succeeds is in avoiding the clichés of most biopics by making our hero too heroic and unreal. Mr. Gordon's direction is concise and insightful. He never allows Stronger to weaken. His film doesn't flinch from the ugly side of Jeff's rehabilitation, his dysfunctional family, and his sacrifices just to lead a normal life. It wisely covers the issue of instant fame and becoming a pawn for network news, a necessary symbol of courage for a nation, even if our hero wants none of that adoration. The film does end on an inspirational false note, as most film biopics do, in a scene at the ballpark that takes a misstep into gross sentimentality and an unabashed shout-out to patriotism. But the story always remains compelling and the acting is superb.The rest of the cast could easily have played their parts rather routinely and still bring about the emotional clout: suffering girlfriend, loyal friends, worrisome parents, etc. But the actors shy away from the obvious and give their characters some gravitas. Ms. Maslany makes a fine partner as Jeff's supporting girlfriend, showing the pain and frustration beautifully. Carlos Sanz as the man who saved Jeff's life during the bombing, has a quiet and touching scene that is so nuanced and heartbreaking in its subtlety. It shows the collective despair of survivors and their kin. Miranda Richardson, as Jeff's boozy mother, is so memorable in her supporting role that she becomes unrecognizable, creating an indelible character while exposing her human flaws. Her rivalry with Erin brings needed tension to the family dynamics which separates this film from the run-of-the-mill inspirational saga. There are many scenes of undeniable pathos and melancholy, insightful moments in time, especially the parking lot confrontation between the two leads that builds to an emotional zenith.Stronger is a rarity, a powerful film based on a true life story that is true to life. With a strong central performance, fine direction, and a screenplay that works on many emotional levels, this is one of the year's most satisfying dramas. Do not miss it!Visit my blog at: www.dearmoviegoer.comANY COMMENTS: Please contact me at:

Reviewed by David Ferguson ( 9 / 10

personal impact

Greetings again from the darkness. There is a fine line between getting chewed out by your Costco supervisor one day and having the country claim you as a hero the next. Just ask Jeff Bauman. On April 15, 2013 Jeff was near the finish line for the Boston Marathon, holding a handmade sign in support of his runner-girlfriend Erin. When she was still about a mile away, the two bombs went off, killing three people and injuring hundreds. Mr. Bauman lost his legs that day.When Jeff regained consciousness in the hospital (after two surgeries), he was able to provide the FBI a detailed physical description of one of the bombers. His information led directly to the identification of one of the scumbag brothers responsible for this atrocity. Immediately, Jeff was hailed as a hero ? both locally and nationally. The film does a nice job of telling Jeff's story and how his life unfolded over the next few months.Director David Gordon Green is responsible for such disparate film projects as OUR BRAND IS CRISIS, MANGLEHORN, and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. He may seem an odd choice to adapt the film from the book by Jeff Bauman and Bret Witter (screenplay by John Pollono), but the story is so moving and heart-warming, and the three lead actors are so good that we immediately connect with each of them.Jake Gyllenhaal plays Jeff, Tatiana Maslany ("Orphan Black") plays Erin, and Miranda Richardson tears up the screen as Jeff's mother, Patty. Mr. Gyllenhaal is remarkable (as usual) as the working class local boy who truly believes his lucky seat and beer determine success or failure for his beloved Bruins and Red Sox. His initial portrayal is spot on for the normal guy who seems caught in the web of eternal teenage mentality so common in the male species. As he struggles with his new life challenges, he strives to do better, but simply doesn't understand why he is viewed as a hero ? and doesn't particularly embrace what comes with the label, at least early on. Ms. Maslany is terrific as the guilt-ridden, confused-yet-strong, on-again-off- again girlfriend to Jeff. She fights through being treated as an outsider by the family, and the daily grind of caring for a guy who needs constant help. The twice Oscar nominated Miranda Richardson is unlike we have ever seen her on screen. Despite being a Brit, Ms. Richardson captures the Boston sauciness (in more ways than one) and takes no 'stuff' from anyone. Her performance is stunning.Of course, at its core, this is an inspirational story about how a normal guy became a hero after a tragic event. The recent Mark Wahlberg film PATRIOTS DAY focused on the aftermath and investigation, while here the attention is on the emotional story of one man and one family. We see the recreation of the flag-waving at the Boston Bruins game, and the ceremonial first pitch at Fenway Park. We also see the obstacles faced when rehabilitation and care- giving becomes too much to bear. Carlos Arredondo and his cowboy hat and heroics are also given much-deserved space here. His back story is heart-breaking, and a reminder that everyone has a story, and each of us can be a hero in some way. Since life isn't a movie, the realities are that Jeff and Erin have since divorced, but that in no way reduces the impact of their touching story that inspires each of us to be stronger.

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