Steve Jobs


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Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs
Kate Winslet as Joanna Hoffman
Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak
Sarah Snook as Andrea Cunningham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Desertman84 9 / 10

Steve Jobs At Different Times Of His Life

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by calibanplayer 9 / 10

Film Different: A Cool Movie - Not meant to be a documentary

After watching the lackluster Ashton Kutcher film "Jobs" two years ago,my earnest hope was that there is will be a better film released sometime in the future.With director David Boyle,screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and a cast led by Michael Fassbender working together on a film based on the Walter Isaacson's authorized biography on the late Apple CEO,will "Steve Jobs" be answer?The film consists of something similar to a three-act play wherein we get to see the life of Steve Jobs during the unveiling of a new product at three different times of his life.The first act consists of having Jobs working for Apple as a member of an Macintosh R and D group and whose company is about to release the new computer called Macintosh in 1984.The second act consists of having Jobs,who was fired from Apple, now working in his new company called NeXT Computers,which is about to unveil the new computer called "Cube" in 1988.The final act consists of Jobs now again back at Apple working as the CEO and whose company is to release a new computer called iMac in 1998.In these three parts of the film,we get to witness Jobs in three different times of his life from being an company founder of the flourishing Apple Computer Company during the release of the Macintosh in 1984;a fired Apple employee who just started a new lackluster NeXT company during the release of the Cube in 1988; and finally a leader of a resurging Apple company during the release of the iMac in 1998.At the center of these events is Jobs and how he has found success early in his life;get humbled after getting fired from his company by the board and start a new company that had limited success; and get hired back to his company and help it get back from state of being close to bankruptcy into becoming the most successful company in the world.At the center of it all is his relationship with his daughter Lisa whom he first refused to acknowledge when he had early success in life;later reconnected with her during the humbling moments of his life; and finally formed a father-and-daughter relationship when he found a renewed success when he got back to his former company.As for fans and haters alike of the late Apple CEO,Fassbender provides us a marvelous portrayal of a Steve Jobs being both an innovator and a monster alike.We get to witness him as someone that is extremely difficult to get along with due to being an extremely arrogant egomaniac but at the same time whose thinking and ideas for innovation and marketing has led the computer industry into greater heights.Apparently,Steve Wozniak,who acted as consultant to the film,will definitely be more satisfied as it presents a horrible Steve Jobs and it provides appreciation to the engineers and technicians who worked behind the scenes for the release of the successful products of Apple.The film consists of lots of dialogues between characters that is why listening essential to fully appreciate it.In fact,I would not be surprised if "Steve Jobs" will become a theatrical play someday.Finally,going back to my question: Was this a better biopic compared to the one released two years ago? Absolutely!!!!!

Reviewed by Sidd the Movie Slayer 9 / 10

iGod Or iMonster?

This movie is a dramatization, based on stuff that really happened, and it is a really cool movie.No, this movie isn't meant to show history exactly as it happened. If you want to know all that read the book by Walter Isaacson. It's a great book.The script is pure Sorkin-Porn. Rapid-fire dialogue with 2 conversations going on at the same time. If you liked The West Wing or any of Aaron Sorkin's other movies, you'll feel at home with this one.They also get the small emotional moments right as well. Some of the best moments are between Steve and his daughter.The directing and editing is masterful. I liked the choice to shoot on different formats for the different years and the flashback scenes punctuate the drama on screen perfectly. All the actors do a fine job, especially Michael Stuhlbarg who plays Andy Hertzfeld.I hope when they release this movie on blu ray they include the video of the real Steve doing these product launches as bonus features.If you can get past the fact that this movie isn't a word for word recreation of history, you will enjoy it.

Reviewed by AliceofX 9 / 10

A Portrait

Steve Jobs is written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle. It stars Micheal Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels, and Michael Stuhlbarg.Set backstage at three iconic product launches and ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac, Steve Jobs takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint a portrait of the man, his estranged family and staff at its epicenter.I honestly can't start this review without saying this easily ties with my favorite movie of the year, The Gift, for quite a few reasons. Truth be told this movie has everything needed to build a classic and uses it remarkably.Writer Aaron Sorkin has quite a few gems in his filmography which include Money Ball, Social Network and A Few Good Men. He is as versatile as he is brutal in honesty. He works wonders in this movie revealing the man behind the machine rather than the machine behind the man. Without any scenes of failure or success, Sorkin forces his audience to understand the complex and often times revolting central Character. With extremely well written confrontations between Jobs and Wozniak or Jobs and his Daughter or even Jobs and his Boss, Sorkin relentlessly demonstrates the true nature behind the tech giant. Though this movie's central family tension and the Job vs. Apple drama are enthralling, Sorkin injects just enough dry and black comedy to keep the movie from becoming an influential figure's shaming. With that being said Sorkin also understands that the enormous ego of Steve Jobs had to be exposed as a vice and plays on that brutal fact perfectly. With 4 dimensional characters, great central dramas and pitch perfect comedy, this might actually be his best work yet.Accompanying the stellar writing was Danny Boyle's beautiful direction. Through seemingly unending shots and aggressive movements the audience genuinely feels like their in Job's presence which can be very hard to sit through at times but is ultimately rewarding experience. With visible passion from Boyle, this is one powerful ride.To my common readers I mentioned a few weeks back that Black Mass had the greatest ensemble cast of the year, I was wrong. This movies cast never really stops acting to the point of absolute realism. To start Kate Winslet portrayal of real life Johanna Hoffman was as beautiful as it was naive. She brought the character alive in full force and truly demonstrated she is one of the best actresses working. I smell a nomination coming her way. I had referenced Jeff Daniel's acting last week in The Martian, well he completely out did himself. He was tender at times and shark-like in others. He drew the line between intelligence and decency and walks this tight rope carefully. Five year old Mekenzie Moss also offers an absolutely astounding performance, uttering few but heart wrenching words. Michael Stuhlbarg works wonder as well on a albeit smaller degree. Now onto the two heavy hitters. A surprise to me and my theater alike, Seth Rogan gives the single best dramatic performance of his career. As Steve Wozniak, the literal opposite of Jobs, Rogan played the role with elegance and brilliance and I wouldn't even mind the Benicio snub if Rogen won the statue. The role demanded a sweet, naive, caring and ultimately explosive performance and Rogan more than delivered making the scenes of abrasion between him and Fassbender iconic. I have been holding off that name for the entire review because Micheal Fassbender is the only thing keeping this movie from failing. He dawns the character in such a way, I can only compare it to Jake Gyllenhaal from Night Crawler and even then I don't think I could fully describe it. Filled to the brim with nuance Fassbender offers a cold, intelligent, manipulative, calculating, and over all disturbingly realistic portrayal of Steve Jobs. I really can't envision a better cast lead than him. As calm as he is diabolical, Fassbender plays this egotistical narcissist with such precision its close to horrifying to watch. Though calm through most of the movie Fassbender understands when to unleash the monster which lays in Jobs and is absolutely volcanic while doing so. Under all the deception, tyranny, and technological brilliance lays a purely adroit and masterful performance. Though Johnny Depp in Black Mass was great and Ian McClellan in Mr. Holmes was grand, neither of them embodied their characters much like Micheal Fassbender and it would be a shame and a disservice to cinema if he didn't with Best Actor. He has proved he is one of the best actors of the generation.Steve Jobs was a privilege to see on the big screen and is so far tied with The Gift as my number one movie of the year. With Deft acting, exquisite direction, and powerful writing this movie is not far from a modern classic. Steve Jobs gets an A+.

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warlock_1989 July 8, 2016 at 9:53 pm

I've seen 2 of the previous movies about Steve Jobs plus the Documentary from 2015. I found something new from this movie because of the different perspective this movie has and the intensity of the dialogues made it more unique compared to the older movies. 9/10

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