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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rioplaydrum 9 / 10

For Fantasy Lovers Only

The first several scenes of 'Sleight' follow the indelible Bo (Jacob Latimore) as he masterfully performs card and coin tricks for friends and strangers, the likes of which suck you into his world with genuine intrigue.Yet Bo's world is complicated, juggling his responsibilities as sole guardian of his little sister's welfare and dealing drugs for a local thug.At this point I was already somewhat puzzled at Bo's choices to make ends meet financially. Why the drug dealing? I personally knew a couple of street magicians back in San Francisco who raked in hundreds of dollars a day with their showmanship -why not Bo? His high caliber of illusions certainly qualifies, yet he prowls the night away with copious amounts of narcotics while his little sister is watched over by a kindly neighbor.Sorry, that just doesn't make a lot of sense.As our story develops we learn Bo's mastery of magic involves a fair amount of electronic aids, which proved to be a real let down for me in a couple areas.First, we WANT to believe Bo has a natural inclination to near superhuman qualities in order to do the things he does, yet come to find it's merely high tech gadgets at work.Second, the mutilation of the laws of physics and electromagnetism will ruin the fun for anybody with a working knowledge of these sciences.I would give a layman's explanation as to why, but that gets into Spoiler Territory.It's enough to say Bo's devices are pure fantasy and impossible to construct in this day and age, but it is fun to watch.Director J. D. Dillard and company put this film together on a relative shoe-string budget of only $250,000 dollars (it's grossed six times that so far), which all by itself is an accomplishment.By comparison, big budget Hollywood has a long history of complete train wrecks costing 100 times that amount, but only delivering half as much.All of the supporting roles were adequate if not a little shaky, with the exceptional stand-out performance by Dule' Hill, who portrays Angelo, the high-functioning and affable drug baron who's charm and effect is polished and impeccable yet can deliver extreme pain and misery on any enemies at the drop of a hat. His character alone added much to the story.Aside from that, combined with a truly baffling ending, 'Sleight' with all it's potential entertainment value makes two or three fatal errors which dropped it from a rating of 8.5 to a merely adequate 6 in this reviewer's eyes.'Sleight' delivers, but only the minimum amount required.

Reviewed by 9 / 10


After screening "Sleight," I now understand why on the poster there's a quote by a critic describing this film as "Chronicle" meets "Iron Man," because that's the perfect description for it, you can't say it any much better than that without revealing spoilers. The story is basic and yet the way it's shot, it has that sense of naturalistic realism with most of the pivotal scenes happening at night, so "Sleight" basically carries Michael Mann's style.Written and directed by J.D. Dillard, Jacob Latimore plays a young street magician named Bo who takes care of his little sister after their parents' passing and in order to pay the bills he also sells drugs for a known vicious dealer named Angelo (Dule Hill). Sasheer Zamata is the next door neighbor who looks out for Bo's sister when he's out for work. Co-starring Seychelle Gabriel as Bo's girlfriend. When Bo gets in too deep with the criminal group, they kidnap his sister and he's forced to use his so-called magic to save her.In a lot of ways, "Sleight" entertains those of us fans of illusion and magic, those of us who've always wondered how on earth Criss Angel does what he does. The things that Bo (Latimore) can do will amaze you but there's a twist to his ability which you'd have to watch the movie for yourself to find out what that really is. So that alone makes "Sleight' intriguing and fascinating, your eyes glued to the screen the entire time. You want to see how Bo would use his magic skills to get himself and his sister out of the mess they find themselves in. Dule Hill's performance as the villain is basically your stereotypical street gangster but Hill delivers it just fine.Even though Jacob Latimore has been around for quite some time as an actor, I first noticed his work in "Collateral Beauty" which was an awful movie by the way, but Latimore stood out. He has a level of intensity that other rising stars may lack. The young man has the potential to be extraordinary and Oscar-worthy someday. So although "Sleight" crime thriller/drama can't quite find its footing, the way it wraps up at the end is nothing short of hardcore.-- Rama's Screen --

Reviewed by Tad Pole 9 / 10

SLEIGHT is an Extremist Racist Flick which suggests . . .

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by Dave McClain ( 9 / 10

"Sleight" is a ridiculous mixture of action, drama and fantasy.

I tend to put a lot of store in Metacritic and IMDb scoring, and chose to see this film based on those. The acting and production values are adequate, but the story is completely preposterous. Not only does it completely disregard any notion of physics. but assigns zero value to the brilliant sleight of hand the protagonist displays, and instead shifts into unnecessary and gratuitous "hood" action. It even largely ignores its own bizarre reality. Worst of all, the protagonist seems to have no moral compass at all, willing to screw anyone without the slightest regret. I give it a two for being competently made, but the script deserves a -10. Disgusting.

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