Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping


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Emma Stone as Claudia Cantrell
Imogen Poots as Ashley
Bill Hader as Zippy
Andy Samberg as Conner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Matt Greene 9 / 10

Made My Face Hurt

The excessive world of modern pop is so soulless and pretentious, it's ripe picking for drama. The mental breakings of stars like Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and others show an inherent flaw in how human beings are turned into oblivious money-making commodities, and then unceremoniously spit-out when their glimmer dies. Popstar, the brain child of the YouTube-turned-SNL stars The Lonely Island, touches on these things enough, but mostly it's just fantastic jokes. A timely and lightning-fast musical mockumentary, I could barely catch my breath from laughing. The story works as a parallel to the careers of the three Lonely Island guys themselves. Conner4Real (Samberg) is an international popstar who has grown beyond the popularity of his two Style Boyz partners (Taccone, Schaffer). While it uses that parallel effectively, it never becomes overbearing. Instead what shines are the original songs, a staple of these guys past endeavors, including their groundbreaking "SNL Digital Shorts" segments. Each one is an instant classic (i.e. "I'm So Humble", "Things in My Jeep"), played ridiculously as if they have influenced real musicians, many of whom make hilarious cameos. For those of you old enough to remember the comedy classic "Spinal Tap", this format may seem somewhat familiar. However, a distractingly blatant rip-off this is not. It uses its 30-year separation as a way to point out the modern massive difference between actual artistic influence and silly cultural nostalgia that permeates the musical landscape. And while it doesn't quite reach Spinal-Tap-heights of greatness, if you're looking for a perfect friends-night-out, this is a comedy you will be happy to visit and revisit over and again.

Reviewed by Thomas Drufke 9 / 10

Satirical Look at Our Celebrity Obsessed Culture

The mockumentary style of filmmaking can be a divisive one. You have to balance the tone well enough for viewers to believe in the story you're trying to tell while also giving enough laughs to please the fans of the genre. Even if Popstar didn't produce as many big laughs as I would have hoped, I can appreciate the attempt to change the structure to typical filmmaking.Starring the trio from The Lonely Island and pretty much every other comedian and/or celebrity, Popstar has a tendency to rely too heavily on surprise cameos and over-the-top gags. That's not to say I didn't think the main cast had their moments, they did. But the biggest laughs came from surprise appearances from people I didn't know were in the film.The overabundance of celebrities make me curious as to why virtually no one showed up to the theatre to see the film. It's also not like they didn't properly market the film. The trailers show exactly what you're going to get; a raunchy comedy told with in the mockumentary style about a dysfunctional lead singer who struggles to regain fame, with plenty of cameos mixed in. Perhaps there just isn't the audience for this type of story.The other detraction of Popstar is that it's blatantly predictable. We all know how these films about music stars/bands go, there's a breakup, downfall, and usually a rise. So when the film reaches for a little bit of dramatic weight via one of these clichés, you see it coming a mile away. With all this said, there's plenty of entertainment to be had here. It's a quick watch and the film definitely earns its R rating in a good way, so I can see the appeal here for comedy fans or anyone who has watched SNL in the last 10 years or so. But I think there just needed to be a few more big laughs under a more original story.+Surprise cameos+Lonely Island chemistry-Sometimes story takes second to cameos-Predictable5.8/10

Reviewed by bkrauser-81-311064 9 / 10

Reliably Funny

One of the things I loved to do when I was a kid was hook up my old camcorder to the TV and face them towards each other. The effect would create a swirl of constantly moving frames that would eat into each other like reflections on either side of a fun house mirror. Popstar is kind of like doing that. It points the camera at fictional pop superstar Conner (Samberg) but it might as well be pointing it directly at the music industry, creating a post- modernist spiral of superficiality that is at once hilarious and distressing.Taking cues from modern music vanity projects (though from Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (2011) especially), Popstar follows music icon Conner as he prepares for a world tour and awaits the reception of his newest album. Conner was formerly a member of The Style Boyz a Beastie Boys inspired trio co-developed by Lawrence "Kid Brain" Dunn (Schaffer) and Owen "Kid Contact" Bouchard. These days he's dubbed himself Conner4Real and replaced the embittered Lawrence with a constant stream of social media updates. Owen is still around though he's been relegated to the status of iPod shuffling DJ on Conner's world tour.Popstar is arguably one of the most savagely entertaining music industry satire to come out in the last few years. While constantly focused on the low-hanging fruit of celebrity personal branding, product-placement, reality TV inspired banality and faux savoir- faire worldliness, audiences can't help but respond with heaps of constant laughter. The laughter becomes louder when The Lonely Island crew cuts deep into Hollywood's insincere sanctimony and egoism such as when Conner releases "Same Love" inspired "Equal Rights" which reiterates Conner heterosexuality one too many times.The film is littered with an obscene amount of musical celebrity cameos ranging from Danger Mouse, and RZA to Michael Bolton and Weird Al Yankovic many of which play themselves and give sit down commentary on how their music was inspired by Conner's "superior" abilities. This in itself is a funny premise but the movie takes it to the nth degree allowing celebrities to savagely mock themselves and each other with the absurdity of A$AP Rocky hawking school lunchables. Let's face it, any movie that begins with holographic versions of Adam Levine dry humping himself while Conner sings "I'm so humble" in the background is clearly setting a mocking tone.That said there are some jokes that just don't work, the most egregious of which is Popstar's parody of TMZ, CMZ. The set-piece hopes to coax laughter out of sycophantic shrieking and Will Arnett's need to always have a straw in his mouth. This along with tour sponsorship being handled by washing machine manufacturer Aquaspin are more bizarre than funny.Yet with the sheer amount of visual humor, clever dialogue, goofy- comic setups and a richly layered meta-text, you can't help but enjoy a movie so crudely and gleefully nutty (in more ways than one). The musical interludes are boat loads of fun; Lonely Island's "Finest Girl (Bin Laden Song)" being the real showstopper. Andy Sandberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone are clearly at the top of their game and with any luck, still have a few more witty tunes to churn out in the future.

Reviewed by Edgar Allan Pooh 9 / 10

POPSTAR blows the whistle on the "pop music" industry . . .

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

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