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Anastasia Baranova as Additional Voices
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Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Should have stopped after the Open Season II

If someone would like to spoil good memories after the Open Season I, they should definitely watch the third part. But I DO regret that I spent money on the cinema ticket this time! It can get a title "The weakest animation of the year". Looks like the Director spent just an hour working over the movie. The script writers were not invited at all probably! No story, no jokes, no cute characters! The "joke attempts" were so weak, that even kids never laughed! The quality of animation went down really evidently - characters are drawn careless, face of the Girl-bear looks quite scary; action is sent up by very loud stained voices of animals, but not by the story itself! The Bear is not cute any more, the Deer is not funny, but unpleasant, and the other Animals are just miserable flat washy figures! If I wouldn't sit in the middle of the row - I would leave the cinema in 10 minutes after beginning of the movie! Looks like it was just a sad attempt to squeeze out the last tipping points out of the name "Open season"...

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

There was no reason for making this sequel...

I think this sequel was made, because they didn't have anything else to do, so someone said "Hey, let's make a sequel to Open Season, we just need to create the animation, story will come eventually!" And this useless unfunny video is the result.Open Season 1 had an old cliché story, but it was rather funny, not even near to the top though. Open Season 2 also had its moments, but this one, it absolutely useless. Old unfunny jokes, bad story that has nothing to do even with the name, or the 2 first ones, only characters are the same.I, as a big animation movie fan, couldn't bare watching any further than 30 minutes.Well, if this and the first two Open Seasons are the first movies you ever watched you could find it funny. Other than that, it doesn't much worth watching.

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Good Luck With Everything.

Why does everyone think that kids are stupid or they can't actually spot a poorly made movie. I watched Open Season 1 and 2 before. IMO they were fine children movies. Now, I have seen some weak animations before but this really surprised me.I tried to laugh in this movie but I think my hand was busy facepalming. In short, I regretted watching this movie. I thought maybe they will end with a bang and I would get some fond memories out of it, but no, they just ruined all the magic and probably made me hate this trilogy.Unless you're a slow kid or just love these characters, I would recommend you avoid this movie. Watch something else or try watching something from the past.TL;DR, Life is short, don't waste it on this one.

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Garbage, Garbage, Garbage...

So, i saw Open Season 1 and 2, of course I wouldn't be watching 3 if I didn't. And I actually enjoyed the first one. It was funny, it was cute. It had Martin Lawerence, Ashton Kutcher, and Patrick Warburton. Then cam Open Season 2, a movie in which, the plot was very lacking, but the characters were still fun. There was one character in particular, a cat named Roger, who had this tendency to say the most random, out of the box, unrelated things, and it would always make you chuckle. And it wasn't even what he said so much as how he said it. However, they made the mistake of changing voice actors for the main characters. Although Mike Epps did a good Boog too. Now, Open Season 3... what a disaster... The best part about it was Roger from 2 was in it, and had a few (and I mean VERY FEW) funny random lines, but they made him smarter in this movie... well, sort of. And they managed to kill his character by making him less funny than in Open Season 2, which kind of ruined it for me.. Instead of having a funny line every 10 minutes, he'd spend 5 minutes repeating the same line over and over. By the 5th or 6th time I heard him say "ooooh, meat snacks!" I had facepalmed so hard my neighbor could feel it. Aside from that, the story sucked, the animation was horrible (very cheap and last minute looking) and the whole thing felt like it was thrown together in an hour. It wasn't funny either. It ruined the trilogy for me. Save yourself the torture and don't watch this garbage. Stick with 1 and 2. If you watch this one I promise it will ruin the series for excuse me while I go wash my eyes out with acid...

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