Me Before You


Action  Drama  Romance  

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - rotten 58%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - upright 75%
IMDb Rating 7.4


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Emilia Clarke as Lou Clark
Sam Claflin as Will Traynor
Jenna Coleman as Katrina "Treena" Clark
Charles Dance as Stephen Traynor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Branden Murphy 9 / 10

It was a pretty cute

Felt very derivative of Intouchables I did however really enjoy the romance that was in this film.Emilia Clark has the most expressive face I have ever seen on camera.Watch her eyebrows! That's all I have to say. You could almost watch this entire movie just staring at her eyebrows? I had a hard time not doing that.I really enjoyed her character. She is a silly, eccentric, perpetually happy girl. With a pretty eclectic sense of style.Emilia Clarke was perfectly cast for this role.She ventures far from her intense power house character the Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones.At times it was hard to tell if Emilia Clarke the actress is just extremely expressive with her face, or if it was something she was doing for the role? which I suppose speaks to how well she did.Because I'm thinking she was exaggerating it, therefore she played the part marvellously.The male lead is Sam Claflin, who you will more than likely recognize but not be able to place. His largest role as of late is the water proficient fighter from the Hunger Games.I also feel he played the part very well. No complaints, He has a great smile, or smirk, that he does through out, which allows us to empathize with him a little more when he seeming unlikable.There are a lot of light moments, actually the whole movie has a very light tone to it? it's a serious topic, but with Clarke's character it's hard for anything to be too serious or solemn. There are those sombre moments, which is, I'm sure, why I was given a tissue box at the advance screening.There were only a few editing aspects I didn't enjoy. There were far too many cuts in certain scenes? Emilia walking up to the mansion for the first time and her conversation on the bench with her boyfriend. They were distracting. This was sprinkled throughout the film to greater or lesser degrees.I think the film looked pretty, great locations. And a wonderful set, really. The house Claflin's character lives in looks very nice. I loved all the walls that opened when pushed on. Very modern, and expensive I'm sure.There is a little treat for any Harry Potter fans! Neville Longbottom, all grown up and looking fit, he plays the part of Emilia Clarke's boyfriend. I hope to see him in more roles, maybe even a lead one day.As for family friendliness, this movie is a G, it is good to go. In the opening scene Claflin is presumably being intimate with his girlfriend, they are obviously naked, but nothing is shown, they are under sheets.There is no cursing or obscenities in this movie worth mentioning.

Reviewed by Thomas Drufke 9 / 10

Live Boldly

I wouldn't consider myself the target audience for these romantic dramas. In fact, I'm usually turned off by the overabundance of forced clichés and unnecessary plot devices. While Me Before You definitely falls victim to some of those unfortunate young adult tropes, there's far more charm than harm here. The film stars Emilia Clarke (Lou) and Sam Claflin (Will) from Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games respectively. I've enjoyed both of their works in the past and they both make the most of the script that was given to them. Their budding charisma on screen is by far the highlight of the film. It's nice to see Clarke take on a lighter and more exuberant role than she has played in the past as it mirrors her off-screen personality as well. Clarke's likability as Lou is put a test as she has to deal with the stern and far less cheerful, Will, who became paralyzed after a motorcycle accident. If you didn't guess it already, yes they do grow to live with each other's quirks and inconveniences and maybe even share some affection for each other. It's pretty much the basis for all of these romantic novels adapted for film, but if you're film has enough likable qualities to it, the overused plot points and clichés can be forgiven.The main qualm for these characters are Will's questionable wishes about his future living as a quadriplegic and Lou's inability to fulfill her potential and aspirations due to her commitment as the breadwinner for her family. The way Lou effortlessly deals with these issues is what makes her so likable. It's also why you root for her and Will to become romantically involved as the film gives us compelling enough reasons to desire it. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised with how the romance is depicted. Everything is earned and not forced.I think my only real complaints with the film involve its tendency to veer into clichéd territory. I'm not a fan of when romantic films play popular songs that tell you exactly how to feel as an audience member. Or when a certain character is written specifically to give us someone to dislike and is used a plot device more than anything else. On more than one occasion, Me Before You does that. But it's when the film attempts to take an original and realistic spin on the romance that the film really shines. It's because of the ladder that I think Me Before You is definitely worth a look.+Clarke's undeniable likability+Charm and chemistry with the Lou and Will dynamic+Romance is earned not forced-Popular songs tend to ruin the big moments-A few clichéd characters and plot devices7.4/10

Reviewed by DarkVulcan29 ( 9 / 10

Claflin and Clarke where to perfect

This film is getting mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed it. A very bittersweet film that will leave you feeling happy and sad at the same time. I never read the book that which this film is based on. But sometimes movies are never has detailed has the books they are based on.A beautifully well made story, it about Louisa(Emilia Clarke) a 26 year old who finds a job taking care of Will(Sam Claflin) a young billionaire who is permanently confined to wheel chair after an accident two years earlier, the use of his arms and legs are gone. At first Will does not want Louisia there, and she does her best to put up with him. But soon the form quite a friendship, she teaches him to enjoy life again, and he shows her to be adventurous in life. But the question is will this last? I like the chemistry between Claflin and Clarke, at no point it feels forced. I really bought the affection they feel for one another. At times Clarkes performance feels overly cartoonish, but still good in most of it. Claflin is believable, and the question is how would you feel if you where in his shoes. I don't care what the critics say, this was a perfectly well made bittersweet film.

Reviewed by Mamabird67 9 / 10


The movie really was adorable! I knew exactly what to expect since I read the book, but I loved the adaptation. What helps the movie most is that the novelist, Jojo Moyees, wrote her own screenplay. She did a great job transitioning the story from paper to screen. Little things that were left out of the novel weren't really needed to move the story along. Both Emilia Clarke and Sam Clafin were excellent. Her facial expressions were amazing and her insane eyebrows deserve some type of award all on their own. I thoroughly enjoyed the soundtrack as well.Don't listen to critics and go see this movie.

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