Kingsman: The Golden Circle


Action  Adventure  Comedy  

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - rotten 51%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - upright 69%
IMDb Rating 6.8


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CinematicInceptions 9 / 10

Flawed but bold.

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by Jeanne Francoise 9 / 10

"Manners Maketh Man" this time is with Elton John

Firstly let me say, you know what you going in to see so don't expect any Oscar performances but still decent enough sequel, although I think they must have decided to play it safe and toned down the violence and swearing that made it's predecessor successful. The cast knew what they were doing and appeared to play everything tongue in cheek, rather than take it too seriously by the looks of things, which probably made it more enjoyable to watch. A few laugh out loud moments, especially from, surprisingly, Elton John's kick-arse scene and a scene involving a heart racing snow lift escape, agents in distress and an elderly gentleman's bowel movement!My main plus was Julianne Moore, she probably was surprise package of the movie, for me her role as the protagonist was perfect, not as over the top as Samuel L Jackson, more understated and less in your face, which for me worked better. Shame her death was a bit anti-climatic.Story itself was by the numbers and there were a couple of plot holes and ending predictable but if you switch off your brain and just enjoy the movie for what it is, then it's worth watching.Will be nice to if we get to see more of The Statesmen if they decide to make another film (which is more than likely) hope Matthew Vaughan would behind the scenes again if they do and possibly improve some this sequel flaws.Manners.. maketh... man

Reviewed by TheJediWay9 9 / 10

Definitely Not As Good As The Original But Still Really Fun

Like many others I'm sure, I went into Kingsman 2 apprehensively.As a massive fan of the first I was concerned that like many other sequels, it would disappoint.I left entertained and pleasantly surprised HOWEVER it is not without its flaws .The story briefly- Eggsy (a brilliant again Taron Egerton)and Merlin have to team up with the American Kingsman 'The Statesmen' to get to the bottom of a virus being spread by Poppy, our films 'bad guy' played by a wonderfully evil Julianne Moore. There are some twists and turns along the way (the trailers already spoil the surprise return of Harry Hart but I will not give details of how this happens)some of which you wont expect (others are pretty obvious but more on that in a minute!)What I liked- For me it was great to revisit loved characters from the first and there are some interesting new characters. It is a fun film that is very reflective of the fact it is comic book material.It entertains with some great OTT action sequences and some real laugh out loud moments.The acting is strong and this helps to carry the story which somewhat engages. What will surprise many (as it did me) is the emotion to the film. It delivers some real emotionally charged moments and one scene delivers a particularly powerful gut punch.Where it does fall down-as already mentioned the story isn't the strongest and at points falls apart from too many players and some obvious plot twists.This creates a longer run time than the film can carry so it does lag at points. A good 20 minutes shorter would have made for a higher rating from myself. The action scenes whilst great also are very apparently CGI heavy which might bother some. It also does that cheeky thing of selling on some certain big stars which whilst this wasn't a particular draw for me, it might disappoint some to find they are actually only in the film for a few short scenes (those who see it will get exactly who I am talking about!!) To me it is comparable to Guardians of the Galaxy 2- some great moments that make you glad you decided to return, but it doesn't quite deliver on the story. That being said I would still recommend Kingsman 2 and would revisit this film again in the future as well as hope for a further installment.

Reviewed by MrDHWong ( 9 / 10

A solid follow-up to the 2015 film

'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' has everything fans of the first film could have possibly wanted and more. Action, humour and special effects are all in abundance and visually it's very impressive. The plot is decent, especially for a sequel, but it never quite reaches the same level as the first film. The British/American theme works well though and there are some very funny cultural jokes and references.As someone who loved the first 'Kingsman', I'm pleased that the sequel didn't disappoint. It remains true to everything that made the first film such a success, including taking some big risks and thinking out of the box. The end result is an imperfect and at times messy film, but a rewarding and highly entertaining one nonetheless. 'The Golden Circle' is much better than expected but just not quite on the same level as the first film.

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Cuts out before the ending and re-starts

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Awesome movie, not sure why it only scored 51% on Rotten Tomatos.

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Best sequel i've ever see

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Kingsize Golden Crap 1-10

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