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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Daniel Geiger 9 / 10

American Sign Language without deaf talent

I love to see more deaf characters to be a part of Hollywood, TV shows and film. From my deaf perspective, I watched a trailer. I noticed that hearing actress Amber Zion plays as a deaf woman in this movie. The way she speaks ASL (American Sign Language) looks unnatural and awkward. This is an opportunity to take away from the deaf community. We have many talented deaf actresses who could have landed that role. This is unacceptable for the deaf community. This is not okay for Hollywood and the entertainment industry to use ASL and deaf culture without involving deaf people? Deaf actors and actresses will be not happy with this. Marlee Matlin, Sean Berdy, Linda Bove, Deanne Bray, Shoshannah Stern, Ryan Lane, Daniel Durant and etc.

Reviewed by Cameron Moore 9 / 10

A Very Clever Take on the "Home Invasion" Sub-Genre

To make this short and sweet, all I need to say is watch this movie. Watch it with a big group of people.It takes a very simple plot and makes it into a very well-thought out horror movie. The opening scenes effectively establish Maddie's story to allow the audience to get to know and care for the character.Once the masked killer arrives, it begins as your typical cat-and-mouse game seen in every home invasion movie. The main character being deaf does allow a fresh spin on this game though. And without giving much away, the movie slowly begins to evolve into a very tense, fun ride. Not to mention the superb acting from Kate Siegel, given the fact that she was only able to use sign language and other resources as a form of communication. You wonder throughout the film what you would do in her shoes, and you may be surprised by the logic and resourcefulness of some of her decisions.There are several moments that would likely get an audience riled up, so grab a big group of friends and enjoy.

Reviewed by writeractor-979-344542 9 / 10

A Very Amazing Take on an Overused and Dying Subgenre

We've all seen an home-invasion thriller/horror. There are lots of bad ones but they're has been some good ones in recent years (You're Next was a great home-invasion film with a twist). Now this film is INCREDIBLE. It has superb acting (especially from Kate Siegel, she really blew me away, it shows you don't need dialogue to be a great actor), it has interesting sound design, it's greatly filmed and it was so suspenseful. I can't remember a last time where a horror film has kept me on the edge of my seat. Now many people are comparing this film to You're Next and The Strangers. Now while The Strangers and this film are technically more 'scary' than You're Next, I would say this movie is as great as them. A thing that really surprised me was how I was NEVER bored. It kept my attention all the way through, I really cared about the character and I was surprised on how they didn't hold back on the violence which is always a plus. There was a scene (which I won't spoil) that was so hard-to- watch that I covered my mouth. This movie could've defiantly be released in theaters and it's one you should watch with an audience or a group of friends. Make sure you turn up the volume and watch it on a dark scary night. Thrilling and scary, Hush is a winner for a modern horror classic.

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epic movie

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great movie i watched it last year

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The Forgotten (2004) 1080p plzzzz OTTO

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One of the best thriller movies