Darkest Hour


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - certified fresh 86%
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Ben Mendelsohn as n King George VInn
Kristin Scott Thomas as n Clemmienn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dan Zhang 9 / 10

Attended a history class

I was curious about how Churchill behaved during the tough war time, and how he got things done without necessary support.One observation which is useful to me. That's everyone will have fear at some moment. No matter he is a prime minister, or a king. Beyond the titles, they are ordinary human. They also need support from their loved ones, and the people surround them to conquer the fear, to gain the confidence.Another interesting thing I learned from the movie is that Churchill was elected as the prime minister not because he is the perfect one, but because he is the only option for his party. All the PMs/Presidents are the results of compromise among involved stakeholders. I also came to a more proper understanding about Chamberlain by this movie. In the history class, I didn't quite understand the word of "appeasement". Just simply thought that means Chamberlain was a traitor of his country. In this movie, I got another understanding about Chamberlain's appeasement policy. He just wanted to protect his country and people with the approach which seems making sense at that war time.The words of "you can not reason with a Tiger when your head is in its mouth" seems quite obvious, but why Chamberlain's appeasement policy got supported at the beginning? I need to google it.

Reviewed by shanx24 9 / 10

Riveting production despite its pat view of history

We go to the movies to be gripped by powerful narratives presented with good scripts and moving imagery. This film has all of it, most especially a riveting performance by Gary Oldman. The subject matter will clearly divide audiences thanks to its pat view of history: UK as the righteous hero and everyone else as inept -- Italians and French losers, Germans the evil fascists, US completely unmentioned, Canada the quiet prairie for monarchs to escape to -- in the still-somewhat- mysterious Dunkirk incident where Hitler could easily have tightened the noose and pushed UK over the edge of what was evidently a crushing defeat, but somehow allowed them the leeway to escape by civilian boats. There's next to no mention of the French army that stood its ground and valiantly sacrificed itself to win a couple of days for the Brits on the beach. All that said, as a film, this is a gripping narrative with just the kind of insouciant wit you'd expect from Churchill. While movies such as "The Gathering Storm" with Albert Finney were more considered, Darkest Hour is the kind of production that wows awards juries and audiences. Worthy watch when it comes to a theater near you. I feel Nolan's "Dunkirk" would be richer if you saw it *after* Darkest Hour.

Reviewed by thomas-379 9 / 10

Brilliant and emotional

This film is absolutely brilliant from the acting to the sets..the editing is tight. Thrilling. It took me about 1 minute to accept Gary Oldham as Churchill...after that I was sold.Probably my favorite film of 2017 so far. Pacing is superb. Historically pretty accurateIt's a must see for any WW2 fans, political fans and Winston Churchill fans.

Reviewed by John Bostrom 9 / 10

"This is a film about resistance."

At the Paris Theater premiere in NYC last night, Joe Wright concluded his introduction by saying, "This is a film about resistance." That brought immediate and enthusiastic response from the crowd. Oldman gives a stunning performance, but the entire ensemble is clearly caught up in the relevance of the work, not a false note anywhere. Powerful film celebrating Churchill as in touch with the resilience and grit of working class commoners. The villains here are the snobbish pacifist appeasers. Hard to say what American audiences will make of this. It could go either way. There's enough populist ammunition here to leave a huge chunk of the American political landscape as devastated as the castle in Calais.

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dracomalfoy63 May 27, 2018 at 8:40 am

Winston Churchill- The terrorist. Killed 4M Indians. Bengal Femine 1943. And as usual western propaganda. They praise him and not even mention this Femine in movie.

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I'm not even British and this made me feel patriotic as fuck

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Great movie. Just great... and if you have seen Dunkirk before this movie... its gold :)