Beyond the Lights


Action  Drama  Music  Romance  

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - certified fresh 81%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - upright 79%
IMDb Rating 6.9


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Minnie Driver as Macy Jean
Danny Glover as Captain Nicol
Jordan Belfi as Steve Sams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Beyond the Lights " Stunning, beautiful and real !!

First I would like to say when I saw "Beyond the Lights" I saw my favorite movie. The characters are so real and the chemistry and love is so beautiful. Nate Parker (one of my favorite actors for sure) and Gugu Mbatha-Raw were awesome. Like Jack and Rose of "Titanic" and Noah and Allie of "The Notebook" =) I so enjoyed this movie's passion, patience and realness and healing. I have seen it again and will see it again and again and will add it too my collection. There are so many scenes that you can definitely live over and over again. Gugu is such a beautiful talent inside and out and it's quickly noted that she is a hard dedicated worker in her craft! I saw Belle and she was incredible as Belle. This lady is gorgeous =) Beyond the lights is all that and more. A story that radiates the true love the way it is meant to be!! Absolutely loved it!!

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

brief review from world premiere at TIFF

I was at the world premiere today at the Toronto International Film Festival and just wanted to say that I thought the movie was really excellent. Definitely on par with the director's other works. It very easily could have fallen into being a schmaltzy typical chick flick love story type of movie but it doesn't do that. It is a fairly predictable love story but the relationship between the 2 main characters is great and feels authentic and emotionally truthful. They had a pretty strong, palpable chemistry together. You could see a real attraction between the two on screen and only adds to the intensity. Minnie Driver was great as well as Noni's driving, determined mother and manager doing everything she could to make her daughter a star. Not really an Oscar movie but good solid directing and screenplay and really great acting performances particularly from Driver, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and (the extremely handsome and delicious) Nate Parker.

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

LOVED IT! Can't get this story off my mind.

This movie from start to finish was nothing short of amazing. Very here and now. Very real. Gugu and Nate Parker gives an exceptional performance in their roles. Even though I come from a very different life than Noni, I could relate to her feelings of not being seen or heard. I found myself feeling sorry for Noni, but wanting her so desperately to rise above all of it and find her own voice and embrace herself. I so appreciate how Gugu caused me as the viewer to feel every scene as if I am right there. I hope she continues to make great films. She was amazing in "Belle" and she surely did not disappoint in this one. Great job cast, writers, directors and producers of this film! I definitely plan to add this one to my video library when it comes out on DVD.

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Not my genre but still thoroughly enjoyed it

With the low IMDb rating, pop culture and romance, I was thoroughly expecting overused tropes, bad acting, and marginal writing. What I got was the complete opposite. I am not a fan of pop culture or romance movies but somehow these characters became very real for me.In particular, I am impressed with the director's discipline. There are so many overused tropes that could easily have dominated the screen time. Instead, she hits her points and moves on.The supporting cast was particularly impressive for their sheer believability. Hollywood too often takes the liberty "it's only a movie" or "it's Hollywood, we can totally do whatever". Instead, they stayed true.This movie will go in my Blu-Ray collection when it finally comes out. The subtleties are impressive and worth revisiting. This is the second movie with a primarily romantic focus to achieve that honor. The first is True Romance.

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