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Val Kilmer as Maz
Robert Miano as Willy
Peter Dobson as Curtis
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Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Solid Movie, Well Worth the Watch

Caught this film in Toronto a while back. It has an excellent cast of characters, who were all well developed, the film takes the time to give background and history on the characters before jumping into it.The storyline was good too, it had plenty of twists and turns throughout keeping the viewer guessing, and managed to avoid predictability (unlike 'Hollywood-big-budget' films) and really pulls the viewer in.The cinematography really stands out, clever shots, great colour use in some scenes too and really brings a different kind of life to the film. Most notably for me was the alleyway beating scene, the dark plot twist/events of that scene are contrasted by the brightness and the popping colours. Definitely interesting visually as well.Overall, certainly well worth the watch.

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

One third of a good movie buried in this mess

A word of warning to those who decide to watch this movie because Val Kilmer is prominently advertised on the DVD box. He actually only has two scenes in the entire movie, and his total screen time can't be more than three minutes. Actually, the movie has more problems than false advertising. For the first 30 minutes, the movie seemed to be going nowhere - just a bunch of scenes and characters that seemed to have no relationship with each other. If I hadn't read the plot description on the back of the DVD box and known what was coming, I would have been asking myself, "Just what is this movie about?" But after this bad beginning, the next thirty minutes are a big improvement. Showing the hotel robbery in action, these thirty minutes are interesting, suspenseful, and even have a little humor added in. I was entertained by this whole section of the movie.Unfortunately, the last thirty minutes of the movie quickly fall apart. This last part of the movie is slow-moving, often lacking explanation, and at one point relies on a wild coincidence to advance the plot.This movie doesn't work, though I wouldn't call it one of the worst movies ever made. That middle section is good, and the movie has a few other positive attributes like some good acting and some atmosphere by the snowy conditions of the winter setting. But even when you put all this positive stuff together, I don't think the movie is good enough to seek out (unless maybe you are planning a cinematic thriller of your own and want to see what NOT to do.)

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Worth a look - I would give it a 6.5 out of 10

It can be hit or miss for you, depending on your tastes, and depending on how much you read the other reviewers' comments here but I thought it was worth a look.Definitely not your typical big budget Hollywood movie, but more of a slightly quirky indie tone, with its offbeat characters, few special effects and set locations, and plausible-but-never-encountered-in-typical-real-life interwoven professional-crime-crew storyline.Beyond the story, there is something noteworthy I would like to point out - there are many examples on screen of a creative director with a definite taste for visual flair and creativity. For example, some scenes that stand out are:- the opening scene with the cleaning-the-windshield set-up- the blacked-out "through" shots as you see individual safe deposit boxes being pulled out, which then reveal someone's face in a multi-faceted pattern- the two match cut scenes where someone strikes a lighter, and then later where Willie is getting hit and Finn is shown taking the fallOne thing that was slightly jarring, and reminded me that yes this was an indie effort, was how the sound sounded kind of "hollow" and "off" at times. Don't know if it was the miking or the sound editing/post-production.Yes, the story could have been tightened up here and there but still a more-than-serviceable effort by some promising up-and-comers. (p.s.- Who would have guessed that you would find 3 [!] exact title matches when searching for "2:22" on IMDb?!)

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

This is one cool movie

This is really one cool movie, granted I found it a little slow at the beginning but I quickly got drawn into the characters and their lives, it's refreshing to watch a film today that isn't full of MTV quick cuts and jerky camera work. I thought the story was really well written with lots of unexpected twists & turns coupled with a few surprises that I didn't see coming.I really liked the music and the director Phillip Guzman did a great job overall. Love Val Kilmer. I totally loved the feel & texture of this movie, the cold & the snow really added to the atmosphere. Cool stuff.

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